About Oblige 

Established. 2019

Our Story 

The recurring dream to open my own boutique started many years ago during my retail management days. Through the years, as I managed teams in small to medium-sized specialty stores…time after time, someone would say to me, “Why don’t you open up your own store or buy this place?!”

I put my heart and soul into the companies I worked for, in hopes it translated deeply to the people I worked closely with and the customers we serviced daily. As I look back now, it was about 6 years ago where I realized a pattern had revealed itself to me --- that I poured so much into other people’s establishments and visions, and at some point, those journeys would end (once I did all that I could do there).

Deep inside I knew I wanted to create a store where people could come to work as themselves, get celebrated for the strengths they possess, and get support to develop in the areas they wanted or needed to…and together we’d thrive! This would be a team that would continue to bring raw, authentic, and meaningful experiences to customers and remind people that we can create shared experiences beyond the transactions we encounter every day and whether a sale was made or not that day…a connection and experience was made and that is what matters to building lasting relationships and meaning behind what we were selling – that it was truly about the customer and how each piece had meaning, purpose, or simply an unexpected treat to self or for someone else. And thus, the urge to start my own business and the beginning stages to visualize what that meant to me was born.

I started talking with close family members and friends about the idea to open up a store, what it would carry, and realized throughout my life – at the center – are people. Through fashion (and in other ways), as we explore self-expression, we’d often hear things like: “That is definitely you!”; “I saw this, and it was perfect for you.”; “That’s a ‘you’ shirt.”; “Those are your colors.” Or on the flip side: “That’s different.”; “If you like it.”; “Are you sure you want to get that?”; “You can’t wear that with this…that’s a fashion no-no.”

Times continue to change where you can both follow style trends and be a trendsetter, or not follow any trends at all…and that is OK. This journey is about becoming who we are with the obligation to be truest to ourselves and to support one other in our own uniqueness. Thus, Oblige Boutique was conceptualized, and the building of this brand was born several years ago and officially established in 2019 and fully launched in 2020.

Each piece is hand-selected with the intent to provide our O.B. Fam and guests  everyday pieces with a little special detail (i.e. pattern, shape, embellishment, texture) that speaks to you. We sell both new and previously owned items (with a size range up to 3X) we hope you feel a connection to, for yourself or to gift someone else! We hope you are drawn to the pieces we offer to express yourself, create memories, and remind us -- we are all special!

As we continue to grow Oblige, we will expand on our selection of products and sizes!

We celebrate you!

Our Mission

To provide a curated shopping experience, hand selecting every piece, where the buyer can celebrate freedom of self-expression and to gift someone the same inspiration through fashion and unique finds.

Our Vision

To become a place where the personable boutique experience lives on in the world of e-commerce. We welcome you to enjoy the ‘thrill of the find’ and build meaningful connections with the Oblige Team while we continue to offer you exciting products and a place to revel in creativity, independence, and camaraderie.

Our Values

Love | “Love is nourishment for our soul; receive it fully and share it unconditionally”

Be | “Be limitless in your capacity to love and shine your light onto the world”

Free | “Freedom is our birthright so explore freely and deeply”

Art of Relating to People | “Each human being is so unique; have respect for that uniqueness” - Osho

Little Things Go a Long Way | “Every single act of kindness no matter how small has a ripple effect” – Anonymous

Quality and Efficiency | “It is of utmost importance to us to have a direct hand in every item we present for sale to ensure quality, satisfaction, and loyalty to our customers and stakeholders. In addition to providing a high level of customer service and built-in efficiencies to support our business flow and address customer needs.

Thank you for getting to know us! 

We welcome you to the Oblige community and please enjoy your shopping experience!
🖤🤍 Tania | Founder & O.B Team 🖤🤍